Random Secret Drawings | Nov 2010-Nov 2011

by Lisa Case and Geoffrey Fry

One day Geoff and I decided we needed a new project that would be not only entertaining but that would also inspire me to start drawing more (since I really hadn't drawn much in recent years but was wanting to get back into it).

We each came up with a secret list of 10 nouns and 10 adjectives and numbered them. Each week (or month as it came to be) he or I would choose a random combination of numbers and the corresponding words would be the two words we would have to use to create a secret drawing that week. Sometimes we knew one or both of the other person's words and some weeks it was a surprise. On occasion we drew from our own words and sometimes the other person's words. We finished the 20 drawings over the course of the year and I made this page to share them with you. The project started on November 1st, 2010 and was completed on November 1st, 2011.

You can click on any word to see its corresponding drawing or choose from the thumbnails below to see the full size image.

globular | parasitic | hoity-toity | ensnared | technologically-advanced | cybernetic | smutchy | malevolent | preternatural | catastrophic | ghost | milkman | robot | snowman | sloth | squid | elm | otter | octopus | hawk | verbose | squeamish | lackadaisical | cattywampus | effervescent | blandiose | wispy | rampant | sinewy | menacing | alpenhorn | muggle | anesthesia | conundrum | tortoise | busker | Australia | knowledge | winner | parasol

Rampant Alpenhorn Technologically-advanced Hawk
Menacing Squid Cattywampus Milkman
Cybernetic Elm Ensnared With Muggles
Verbose Octopus Hoity-toity Snowman
Effervescent Parasol Malevolent Ghost
Parasitic Robot Preternatural Otter
Globular Winner Squeamish Knowledge
Smutchy Tortoise Sinewy Anesthesia
Catastrophic Busker Lackadaisical Conundrum
Blandiose Australia Wispy Sloth